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Tips For Commercial Window Cleaning

The methods employed by commercial window cleaning companies include rope access, water fed pole, and cradles. The methods used are based on the type of building that needs to be cleaned and deciding which cleaning method will be most effective for the task. A professional, reliable company will be able to utilize the various cleaning methods known throughout the industry.
The water fed pole is one of the safest and cost effective cleaning techniques. This method is usually used to clean commercial buildings no more than four stories high. The system is not as dangerous or risky as the rope access or cradles method because the windows can be cleaned from the ground.
To utilize this method, tap water runs through a tank with a purification system. The purification system gets rid of any minerals or chemicals latent in the water. Once the water goes through the purification system, it exits through an extension pole that is attached to the tank. There is a brush connected to the extension pole. There is also a second hose that fills the brush with soap. Purified water will reduce the chances of streaks or drips appearing on the windows after they dry.

Commercial Window Cleaning Techniques

The rope access technique is more dangerous than the water fed pole system. It is normally used to clean windows on high rise buildings. Any cleaner using the rope access method should be properly trained and competent to perform the task. The cleaner should also make sure all of the equipment is fully functional. The cleaner needs to ensure any pedestrians and third parties will be protected. The cleaner should be fully aware of any potential hazards before proceeding.
The worker is supported by ropes with at least two attachments. As the worker is suspended on the rope, he cleans the windows. Tools are attached to the worker’s harness. Larger items are suspended on an additional rope. At least two people are required at all times when using this cleaning method. While one person is completing the job, the other person is supervising and will be able to assist in case of an emergency.
Cradles are another dangerous way to clean windows for high rise buildings. The worker uses a safety harness while standing on a platform as he cleans the windows. The worker should check all of his equipment and the controls on the platform before he begins cleaning. The worker needs to make sure the cradle can safely handle his weight and the tools. This cleaning method should be avoided during adverse weather conditions. Bad weather will pose an additional threat to the worker and any pedestrians.

Commercial Window Cleaning Methods

Water fed pole, rope access and cradles are some of the methods employed by commercial window cleaning companies. Deciding which method is the best one to use depends on various factors, such as the height of the building, work site conditions and the presence of any hazards. All commercial window cleaning companies should be licensed and able to implement the appropriate safety measures for every assignment.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning