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Freehold NJ Deck Restoration

A deck becomes lackluster and worn due to the exposure to the elements and years of foot traffic, thus bringing down your home curb appeal and even posing a safety danger to you and your family. Freehold NJ deck restoration will bring a new life to your deck.
Affordable & Professional Window & Gutter Cleaning Power washing Services specializes in pressure washing, staining, and sealing of decks. Our deck restoration service guarantees excellent results thanks to superior workmanship and the use of highest quality and eco-friendly detergents.

Maintaining and preserving your deck is essential

We understand that maintaining and preserving your deck is essential. We take the stress and hassle out of your hands. We do a lot of research year in and year out and talk to other professionals to find out the most durable materials to extend the life of your deck.
Rotting, ultraviolet rays, water absorption, mildew, and moss damage any exterior wood; therefore, they need proper protection. If you neglect or leave it untreated, your wood deck could deteriorate – you will be forced to spend thousands of dollars on unnecessary repairs or replacement.
We provide professional deck cleaning and restoration, brightening, stripping, and staining of all wood decks, log homes, fences, docks, playground sets, and gazebos. Composite decks plagued with black mold requires mold remediation, and that is something we specialize in as well. Our team of professional cleaners will restore your deck and wood surfaces to make them look new again.

Deck Restoration Process

Our Freehold NJ deck restoration procedure is a two-day process. On day one, we’ll wash your deck to remove any dirt and debris that may be embedded in the wood. Day two, we’ll sand and stain your deck.
Before we begin, we ensure that the wood’s moisture content is below 12% to allow the stain to penetrate the grains. We will start staining if there is the right moisture level.
We place paper between your house and the deck to prevent the stains from getting on the house or any object below the deck. Moreover, we tarp off any area under your deck to collect drips. Once we finish the staining, you should let the stain dry for 24 hours before you can enjoy your new beautiful deck.

Various Components of Deck Restoration Service

Besides cleaning and re-staining, Freehold NJ deck restoration may additionally involve resetting nails, brightening, buffing, stripping, sanding, and board replacement. Most decks require standard cleaning, refinishing, and brightening only. Some may require partial restoration (stripping, possibly buffing). Very few decks require full restoration.

Deck Sanding

Sanding is not a recommended ordinary means of regular deck refinishing process. In addition to being expensive and requiring a lot of effort, it removes too much wood, which causes damage ultimately when done frequently.
It should be the last resort and an ideal option for addressing serious topical issues, such as deep scratches. Sanding also presents another practical problem, especially with more complex decks, such as those with stairs, benches, and railings: numerous nooks, crannies, and tight corners can never be sanded fully and adequately. Therefore, it’ll leave unattractive remnants of the old stain.
You will quickly notice in the 1/8″ to 3/16″ between deck boards. It will disappoint you, especially if you’re spending a lot of money on deck restoration. That is why we provide limited sanding options, and again, we don’t use it as a primary means of refinishing decks.

Deck Board Replacement

When it comes to board replacement, we take proper care to identify the specific type of board to replace. You would be surprised to know the different board types used in deck construction. While we can provide you with an estimate for replacing a few damaged or rotten top boards, we’re careful not to overstep our specialty.
A company that specializes in professional carpentry and deck construction is in a better position to handle any fancy cut boards or structural work. Fortunately, a standard deck refinishing process or limited restoration can restore the beauty and quality of 99% of the decks we encounter.

Freehold NJ Deck Restoration

If you want to restore your deck to look new and beautiful again, but don’t know how to do it, contact Affordable & Professional Window & Gutter Cleaning Power washing Services today. Give us a call now at (732) 462-0462 or use the contact form to request a free evaluation and estimate.
Freehold NJ Deck Restoration

Freehold NJ Deck Restoration