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Pool Area Concrete Refinishing

Your time spent in the area around your pool should be just as relaxing, exciting, and enjoyable as the time spent in the pool itself. That is why your pool area should be very beautiful and well maintained. Our pool area concrete refinishing in Monmouth, Middlesex and Orange County NJ provides a way to rejuvenate your concrete pool deck without draining your bank account.

A swimming pool is a great asset to any property but it is not enough to have a perfectly shaped and decorated pool with clean, sparkling water. What surrounds it could make it a lot more valuable. That’s why you need a professional Pool Area Concrete Refinishing.

Pool decking is a necessity in any swimming pool area. However, it must be carefully planned and designed to ensure that the chosen pool and deck designs would be functional, safe, and quite breath-taking.

Old, worn-out pool decks can be resurfaced using top-quality Pool Area Concrete Refinishing that are durable and can complement or even contrast with the existing surroundings.

Do you have an existing pool deck? You might want to check on its current status and ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it still as attractive?
  • Is it damaged?
  • Is it safe?
  • Does it reflect my style?
  • Does it complement the exterior of my home?

If you answer NO to one or more of the above questions, you may want to consider a pool area concrete refinishing or repair to revive its original beauty and function or make it look refreshingly unique.

There are many options for Pool Area Concrete Refinishing makes it a lot more interesting and exciting. Just like planning what you wear, you want to look gorgeous, be unbelievably comfortable, and absolutely appropriate.

Concrete resurfacing options for pool decks include a wide variety of products, patterns, colors, and applications, such as stamped concrete pool deck or applying a Sundek Classis Texture atop the existing deck.

A refinish is also ideal for repairing minor damages and making the surface a lot more slip-resistant especially when wet.


Pool Area Concrete Refinishing


Pool Deck Refinishing Ideas

Nothing can dampen a summer more than making your pool inaccessible due to a complete teardown of the pool deck. Entertainment is not an option when you have demolished a lounging area.

Luckily, our decorative concrete pool overlays go over your existing pool deck, avoiding costly demolition and replacement.

Our custom hand-cut approach emulates the look of natural stones and pavers. Our pool deck refinishing options for homes and commercial properties in Monmouth, Middlesex and Orange County NJ are almost limitless, including designs such as:

  • Brick– Not the most common choice, but brick pool decks come in a variety of colors and patterns.
  • Roman slate– A great surface choice and pattern of the pool area. It is durable and beautiful.
  • Authentic flagstone– A durable step stone that’s as sturdy as it’s beautiful.
  • Sandstone– A natural stone with quartz grains that’s both non-slip and elegant.
  • Any other combination you can think of?

In addition, our assorted pallet of custom-colored finishes can either create a pool area that blends with the surroundings or pops as a contrasting oasis.

Benefits of Pool Area Concrete Refinishing

Refinished pool area concrete not only looks fresh but is also exceptionally durable. Our pool deck resurfaces/refinishes are designed to resist damage from harsh pool chemicals, constant water exposure, and abrasive elements.

While you may need to apply sunscreen to protect from harmful UV rays, you will not need to apply anything to your deck, as the surface will maintain its new look with our UV protective coating.

Resurfacing your pool deck can completely transform the look of your pool area. Refinishing your concrete pool deck is not only an aesthetic makeover, but it can also help improve the safety and comfort of the pool area.

At Affordable & Professional Window & Gutter Cleaning Powerwashing Services, we understand that every job is unique and there’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to pool area concrete refinishing.

Our goal is to help you come up with a look that is right for your home and suits your budget. We have helped hundreds of pool owners in Monmouth, Middlesex and Orange County NJ with Pool Area Concrete Refinishing.

We can help you too! For more information about Pool Area Concrete Refinishing, call us today at (732) 462-0462 or fill out our contact form to request a free, no-obligation quote.


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