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Affordable and Professional has been one of the most prolific power washing companies in New Jersey since 1986. One of our most cherished customer regions is Howell, NJ. Our clients in Howell, NJ, keep coming back to us due to our diligence, customer-focused ideals, and commitment to producing the best in power washing and building management services.

Affordable and Professional’s founder, John, started this business with nothing but the use of his mother’s basement. John had a clear-cut vision of a company that would produce high-quality results focused on customer satisfaction. These goals would be achieved by creating unique power washing techniques and charging affordable prices. Today, John and his team have built a positive reputation for knowing precisely what Howell, NJ, needs to maintain its appearance.

Howell, NJ

Similar to the town of Millstone, NJ, Howell also has a rich Native American history. Howell, NJ, is connected to the Manasquan River, and archeologists have found that Paleo-Indians settled by the Manasquan River as early as 9000 B.C. This information would make that site one of the oldest settlement areas in Eastern North America.

History that is as interesting as Howell, NJ’s needs to be appropriately preserved. The team at Affordable and Professional is up to that task. John and the rest of the team will prioritize keeping Howell, NJ, looking pristine and thus enabling the rich history to shine through.

Power Washing, Soft Washing, and Other Services in Howell, NJ

Power Washing, Window & Gutter Cleaning Services in Middletown NJ

At Affordable and Professional, we firmly believe that employees and employers should never stop learning about their field to stay relevant in any line of work. That is why everyone at Affordable and Professional makes it essential to keep up to date on the latest technology and equipment in the world of power washing. Besides our never-ending thirst for knowledge, our unique alternative to traditional power washing is another thing that sets us apart.

This approach stems from our team needing a different power wash method where high pressure wasn’t necessary. Our carefully crafted process is called soft washing. By utilizing the more gentle abilities of soft washing, our professionals can use more cleaners and lower pressure than a regular pressure wash. This lower pressure method can safely remove mildew, bacteria, algae, fungus, moss, lichens, and dirt from surfaces like vinyl, aluminum, roof shingles, cedar, brick, and stucco without the hassle or worry. Clients will not have to stress over if their more delicate surfaces are damaged because they won’t be.

In addition to our unique techniques, every power washing expert at Affordable and Professional is fully trained in all our services. Our other services include deck cleaning and staining, gutter guard installation, and outdoor furniture shrink wrapping in Howell, NJ. These services are available for residents and commercial properties.

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If your residential home or business is located in Howell, NJ, and you require any of our services, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We can tackle roofs, patios, pool areas, decks, driveways, and more for residential homes. We also provide window cleaning, gutter guard installation, and deck cleaning and staining.

Businesses can take advantage of our power washing, soft washing, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and gutter guard installation services in Howell, NJ.
Affordable and Professional will go above and beyond to keep up the appearance of your home or place of business. You’ll see the difference after using us one time! We guarantee it!

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