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Affordable and Professional has provided power washing, soft washing, and other exterior cleaning services to residents in Middletown, NJ, since its conception in 1986. We pride ourselves on always putting our clients first. Excellent customer service is our top priority!

As a result of this belief and practice, we have had many satisfied customers dating back to when we began. Our founder started Affordable and Professional with nothing but the use of his mother’s basement and a vision for a power washing service. John is a true entrepreneur that upholds moral values in his business. With his experience and sound business practices, John knows the quality of service that needs to be provided in Middletown, NJ.

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Looking For Affordable Roof Cleaning in Middletown, NJ?

In Middletown, NJ, keeping your roof clean is not just a matter of curb appeal—it’s essential for the longevity of your home. That’s where Affordable & Professional comes in, offering expert roof cleaning services. Our approach to roof cleaning in Middletown, NJ, is thorough and effective, removing all forms of grime, algae, and buildup that can damage your roof over time. We use customized equipment and techniques to clean your roof safely and efficiently.

Continued maintenance of your roof is vital to protect your investment. Our roof cleaning services in Middletown, NJ, not only enhance the appearance of your home but also help prevent costly repairs down the line. Regular cleaning prevents the accumulation of harmful substances that can lead to deterioration and leaks.

How Do We Use Soft Washing To Clean Surfaces?

Here at Affordable and Professional, we make it mandatory for our team of power washing experts to stay up to date on the latest technology and equipment in our field. Our founder and company have made our unique soft washing method the centerpiece of our services.

Soft washing is our answer to needing an alternative to power washing where high pressure wasn’t necessary. This method enables our professionals to use more cleaners and lower pressure than conventional pressure washing. Our experts can safely remove mildew, bacteria, algae, fungus, moss, lichens, and dirt from surfaces. You may not expect some of the finishes we can clean, such as vinyl, aluminum, cedar, stucco, shingles, brick, stone, and cement.

All the technicians at Affordable and Professional are trained in all aspects of power washing and the other services we provide. Our other services include window cleaning, gutter cleaning, gutter guard installation, outdoor furniture shrink wrapping, and more.

Power Washing, Window & Gutter Cleaning Services in Middletown NJ

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How Can You Keep Your Gutters Clean?

Gutter cleaning is integral to home maintenance, particularly in Middletown, NJ. Clogged or dirty gutters can lead to serious problems, including water damage and foundation issues. We provide thorough gutter cleaning services that remove leaves, debris, and blockages, ensuring your gutters function correctly. Regular cleaning is key to avoiding expensive repairs and maintaining the health of your home.

In addition to professional cleaning, you can take steps to keep your gutters in good shape. Regular inspections, especially after storms or high winds, can help identify potential issues before they become significant problems. Installing gutter guards is also a wise choice, as they help prevent debris from accumulating. If you notice any issues with your gutters, it’s essential to address them promptly to avoid further damage.

What Clients Say About Affordable & Professional

John & Gina run a wonderful business. They are both very responsive to calls and e-mails. We have used them to clean our windows for over 10 years. They are always on time, clean, and do an excellent job. We have also used them for power washing and are always highly satisfied as well. Their prices are very good. I highly recommend them.

Lisa Dibella

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Affordable and Professional will always be available to maintain the beauty of Middletown, NJ. We provide many services for residential homes, such as power washing, soft washing, gutter cleaning and gutter guard installation, deck cleaning and staining, and outdoor furniture shrink wrapping for the winter.

For the businesses of Middletown, NJ, we provide power washing, soft washing, window cleaning, and gutter cleaning and gutter guard installation. Affordable and Professional also offers many services to maintain commercial properties. Call us today and see why Affordable and Professional differ from similar businesses. We put our heart and soul into everything we do.

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If you need professional roof or gutter cleaning in Middletown, NJ, look no further than Affordable & Professional. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing high-quality services that renew and protect your home. Maybe you need help removing grime from your roof. Perhaps you want to ensure your gutters are cleaned. No matter what it is, we are here for you. Contact us today for a quote, and ask us about power washing in Hazlet, NJ as well.