Powerwashing/Howell NJ 07731

Powerwashing/Howell NJ 07731

Regular Power Washing Of Your House Siding: Powerwashing/Howell NJ 07731.

Over time, your house siding will get dirty as it is exposed to the elements, including snow, ice, rain, dirt, sunlight, moisture, etc. This will leave your house looking old and unsightly. Powerwashing/Howell NJ 07731 is an easy and effective way to clean your siding to restore the beauty of your house.

Most homeowners overlook the importance of power washing their home siding regularly. Some think it is just not necessary while others believe it could even damage their home. However, this isn’t the case.

Power washing is an essential part of home maintenance. It gets rids of dirt, mildew, algae, moss, and mold, especially in shaded areas. Regular cleaning of your home’s exterior helps you get rid of dust, grease, and chemical residues that have built up over time. Failing to clean your house siding can lead to fading or discoloration.

Without further ado, here are some reasons why you should power wash your house siding regularly.

  1. Improves Curb Appeal

Power washing your siding greatly improves the curb appeal of your home. This is particularly important to homeowners who intend to sell their property. Pressure washing service will clean your siding and remove dirt and debris which make your house look old and unattractive.

By hiring a power washing professional to clean your house, homeowners who plan to sell their property increase their chances of finding a buyer faster.

2) Protects Your Home

Algae, mold, moss, and mildew can cause repair issues in the long run. You don’t have to live with the dinginess and damage that comes with these types of growth if you power wash your home’s siding.

3) Health Protection

Get rid of mold, dust, and other allergens that can make you sick to protect your health as well as the health of your family members. Powerwashing/Howell NJ 07731 eliminates these irritants/harmful substances by getting rid of them completely.

4) Preparation For Renovation

Before embarking on any exterior renovations, make sure you power wash your house exterior to get rid of any dirt that may inconvenience you in the later stages of renovations. This is a highly recommended step that should never be skipped.

The directions on the most common materials like bottles of stain, tubes of sealant, and paint tell you to start with a clean surface for the best results. Power washing is essential for cleaning and taking off peeling layers that may cause problems to new applications over time.

Your home’s siding speaks volumes about your personality, who you are, and what you like. It’s either a win or a fail; there’s no in-between. To ensure that you’re on the winning side, go through the color palette on the color wheel. Never force colors to your home if it doesn’t have a natural way to divide them. Always go for less complex color combinations.

Preparation Work For Power Washing

We prepare the work area by making sure all doors and windows are closed; it is also essential to turn off the power to the external electrical outlets, which should be covered with tape and plastic.

We also recommend trimming back of plants and shrubbery that might get in the way, too. Once you have prepped the area for powerwashing/Howell NJ 07731, our professionals will start by testing the high-pressure spray on an inconspicuous spot to ensure the setting doesn’t damage the exterior surface.

Further, they will first check the water supply by connecting an unkinked three-quarter-inch garden hose to ensure the pressure washer receives sufficient flow to do its job right.

Cleaning dirt, grime, and tough stains on your home exterior may first require a detergent – and therefore, we will use a low-pressure spray pattern to apply this. After applying a cleaning detergent, we will let it sit on the surface for a few minutes and then work the pressure washer from the top to bottom in small sections.

If you have a two-story home, we will have to get spray tips and extensions (attachments) to make sure we can reach the areas that are higher up.

Check the Paint Type

Before we begin power washing, we check the exterior of your home to ensure it’s not covered in lead paint to avoid a potential health risk; applying forceful pressure can break up and spread pieces of this paint, which would be harmful to your family.

If you think your home might have lead-based paint, we might have to use a test kit or do an inspection.

Avoid Windows and Vents

Keep in mind there are some areas that we will want to avoid when power washing your home. Regardless of the type of exterior we are cleaning, we will avoid getting water or detergent behind the outer surface as much as possible.

Furthermore, our professionals will keep the high-pressure spray away from your windows and exterior vents. Our cleaners will stand on a stable surface and wear safety protection equipment; they will never leave the spray gun unattended while the pressure washer is running.

Get Yourself On A Schedule

How often should you give your home exterior a deep clean? You don’t have to power wash your house more than twice a year – but there is one particular part that you should keep a close eye on.

The northern exposure of a home is more prone to a buildup of moss and lichens because it receives less direct sunlight, which may need more frequent power washing.

Your home exterior is exposed to sun, wind, dirt, pollutants, and even bugs and animals. These elements take a toll on the appearance of your house. Over time, you will notice that your siding, driveway, or deck has become discolored or damaged.

Powerwashing/Howell NJ 07731 your house is an easy, safe, and effective way to boost its curb appeal, prevent damage, prime surfaces for painting, and bring the façade back to its original glory.

Powerwashing/Howell NJ 07731

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Powerwashing/Howell NJ 07731

Powerwashing/Howell NJ 07731