Powerwashing/Marlboro NJ 07746

Powerwashing/Marlboro NJ 07746

Powerwashing/Marlboro NJ 07746: Professional vs. DIY Power Washing.

If you own a business in Marlboro NJ, you understand the importance of appearance, as it influences your visitors’ first impression. You expect your employees to dress well and represent your business professionally. You make a lot of effort to keep the interior of your business clean and attractive from the reception area to the bathrooms and everywhere in between. You know a sloppy-looking commercial property does not shine your business in the best light, so you should continually maintain it with powerwashing/Marlboro NJ 07746.

Your efforts to keep your business looking great are admirable, but what about the exterior of your building? You should take as much pride in the appearance of the façade, parking lot, and any surrounding alleyways as you do in the lobby just through the door.

One of the easiest ways to clean concrete, brick, asphalt, and other building materials of accumulated dirt, grime, and graffiti is with power washing.

You might think, “Great, I will go out and rent a pressure washer and do the job myself.” However, you are wise to consider hiring a professional to do the job rather than attempting a DIY job. Here are THREE good reasons why.

DIY vs. Professional Power Washing: Effort

If you choose to go the DIY route, you will need to put a lot of effort into the process. In addition to the rigorous, laborious work of power washing your building and parking lot, a DIY job requires you to research pressure washers, learn how to use them effectively and safely, rent one, clean it when you are done and remember to return it.

It takes a lot of time and effort to power washing your property, especially considering that you should go through the whole process again in a few months when the dirt, grime, and litter start piling up again.

On the other hand, you can hire a professional power washing company with just a quick phone call. On the day of cleaning, you can go about your routine running your business while a professional does the hard work of powerwashing/Marlboro NJ 07746 your building.

DIY vs. Professional Power Washing: Safety

Despite what you might think, pressure washers can be extremely dangerous tools in the wrong/untrained hands. If you have never operated a pressure washer before, you may accidentally hurt yourself or someone else.

When the wrong settings are aimed the wrong way, you could even damage the very property you are trying to clean.

You have experience running your business and taking care of the needs of your customers. Put these skills to good use and leave the power washing to our professionals who use a pressure washer daily.

DIY vs. Professional Power Washing: Effectiveness

Companies that rent out pressure washers understand that the equipment can be dangerous to use. That is why rentable machines use lower pressure and lack a heating element. This downgrade is for your safety – knowing that people who rent pressure washers are not professionals in handling the equipment. Unfortunately, what this means is that a rented pressure washer is not as effective as a professional-grade model.

Of course, you can remove loose dirt, cigarette butts, and cobwebs with water at any pressure. However, when it comes to washing away embedded grime, stains, and spray paint, higher pressure is more effective. You will also appreciate the heated element of a professional-grade pressure washer if particularly stubborn spots do not wash away.

In addition to using commercial pressure washers, professional companies also have access to effective and safe cleaning agents. Some heavily stained and hard-to-reach areas of your building may need so much help and effort that high-pressured water and heat are not enough.

In those instances, a pressure washing professional boosts cleaning power with chemicals. Thanks to the technicians’ training and experience, they know how to use the cleaning chemicals without allowing them to drain into the city’s water supply. This ensures you do not get in trouble with the EPA under the Clean Water Act.

Professional Power Washing in Marlboro NJ 07746

If minimal effort, optimal safety, and maximum effectiveness sound like the right combination to you, contact our team of power washing professionals to schedule cleaning of your home’s exterior today!

We serve businesses and homes across New Jersey, including Marlboro, Middletown, Millstone, Rumson, Morganville, and adjoining counties Southern Middlesex County, Northern Ocean County & Eastern Mercer County.

Don’t DIY | Why You Should Hire a Power Washing Professional 

There are many good reasons to power wash your property, but just because something is good, does not mean that you’re the one who should do it! Here are some reasons why you should not opt for DIY for your power washing job, but hire a professional instead.

It Is Safer

Professional pressure washers know how to get the job done safely. You may be surprised to know that powerwashing Marlboro NJ 07746 can be unsafe and result in injuries if you’re inexperienced.

For example:

  • Slips, trips & falls
  • You can develop abrasions from improper equipment or its use
  • Fragments of glass or dislodged rocks can penetrate your skin
  • Reactions to improper use or contact with cleaning chemicals

You’ll Save Time & Even Money

Saving time is the most obvious benefit. a professional pressure washer most likely can complete the job in literally half the time, depending on the type of work, size of your property, and technique to be used.

There’s almost always an infinite list of other things you could be doing instead of spending an entire afternoon power washing, and you may not realize that you can also save money in the long run.

Consider cost so that we put this into perspective: an electric pressure washer would cost you somewhere between $150 – $300, plus an additional $15 – $30 for detergent. Now consider the average cost of power washing service is about $185 – $380.

An additional consideration would be what you will do with your pressure washer when you are not using it, storage space as well as the necessary maintenance and repairs. Professionals also use machines that are of much higher quality than what you will get for $150. Therefore, from a cost and quality perspective, it is way better and efficient to hire a professional to do the job.

Cleaning Solutions & Technique

A professional knows very well how much cleaning detergent to use, when it is necessary and what type is needed. They are also experts and consultants in the proper technique, leading to better and satisfactory results than you might get, and in half the time!


On top of being certified, professionals are insured and bonded, and you should only hire ones who are! This means you won’t be held responsible for any injury or damage to your property that the company you hire might cause and any compensation or money for repair won’t come out of your pocket. This, of course, isn’t true if you damage your property power washing by yourself.

Better Results 

Let us be honest: unless you are a professional yourself, you will get better and long-lasting results by hiring one! Professionals are equipped with the right tools, knowledge, and experience to get the job done to the highest standards and timely.

Powerwashing/Marlboro NJ 07746

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Powerwashing/Marlboro NJ 07746

Powerwashing/Marlboro NJ 07746