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Residential Concrete Cleaning Service

Safe and Effective Residential Concrete Cleaning Service Freehold

Concrete is a popular material for both interior and exterior flooring services thanks to its durability and versatility. Because it’s stain-resistant and can be left smooth, stamped or troweled with different designs, concrete also offers plenty of decorative options, functionality, and flexibility. However, like any other bearing traffic surface, concrete requires some maintenance, and you should clean it regularly. That is why Affordable & Professional Window & Gutter Cleaning Power washing Services offers residential concrete cleaning service Freehold NJ. It is essential to clean your concrete regularly to enhance its beauty and extends its service life.

High-pressure washes remove more than the grime

However, like washing a car, high-pressure car washes remove more than the grime from the surface of your car. Therefore, it is better to wash it by hand. At Affordable & Professional Window & Gutter Cleaning Power Washing Services, we follow the same logic with our residential concrete cleaning service Freehold NJ. Gentle cleaning, proper pressure washing and the appropriate cleaner for the surface conditions will keep your concrete surface looking great.

Concrete can be a tough surface to clean because it’s porous and holds dirt well. We use many techniques to clean concrete depending on the traffic running across the surface, the number of soiled areas and the type of concrete surface.

We use variety of proven cleaning methods

Our variety of proven cleaning methods and cleaners remove any contamination from the concrete surfaces. It is not possible to remove dirt from concrete using water alone, but the use of eco-friendly cleaning chemicals and proper cleaning methods guarantee complete removal of specific stains.

Effective and Safe Methods and Materials

Residential Concrete Cleaning Service at Affordable & Professional Window & Gutter Cleaning Power washing Services uses power washing, pressure washing and acid washing for Freehold concrete cleaning. The most common power wash services remove oil and grease from concrete pavement, concrete floors, and concrete parking lots.

We apply alkaline degreaser

Our professional cleaners will apply an alkaline degreaser and hot water to increase the chances of oil and grease removal from the concrete.

The degreaser emulsifies the oil, which the hot water lifts from the concrete, allowing it to be flushed from the surface. We use the following professional cleaning solutions:

PH-Neutral Cleaners

These mild cleaners are designed for cleaning interior sealed concrete surfaces that don’t have embedded dirt. They can also be used for mild cleaning on the interior or exterior unsealed concrete.

Acid Cleaners

These cleaners can remove dirt, contamination, and stains that are soluble in an acidic solution. Our professional cleaners will often acid wash a concrete surface to remove the initial surface layer. Acid washes can also effectively remove efflorescence on the concrete. Efflorescence is a white powder and crystalline residue that forms on the concrete surface. It’s an insoluble metallic that can’t wash away with plain water.

Alkaline Cleaners

They can remove grease, oil, or other hydrocarbon-based stains in concrete.  These cleaners have high alkalinity; therefore, they emulsify or break down the oily contamination. Alkaline cleaners can also be used to neutralize concrete surfaces after acid cleaning or acid staining. These cleaners can bring the pH of concrete from acidic to its natural alkaline state.

Bacterial/Enzymatic Cleaners

The latest concrete cleaners attack, break down, and digest stains and contamination using organic chemistry and active enzymes. They’re also called “oxidation cleaners.” Using these types of cleaners has a major benefit because most don’t require water for activation, and there’s little residue to wash away.

Specialty Cleaners

They may be a blend of two or more of the other types of cleaners. They’re used to remove specific types of contamination or stains.

Schedule Regular Concrete Maintenance

Regular professional concrete cleaning Freehold can help to prevent the buildup of grease, grime, and dirt on heavy traffic areas of the porous concrete. A good concrete maintenance program involves regular concrete cleaning and sealing it with a proper concrete sealer.

The frequency of concrete cleaning and sealing depends on use, traffic, and other conditions. Concrete exposed to the elements, such as sunlight or extreme temperatures, may require more cleaning than the interior concrete.

Residential Concrete Cleaning Service

A professional at Affordable & Professional Window & Gutter Cleaning Power washing Services can recommend the appropriate cleaning and maintenance products for the routine cleaning of your concrete or pavement.

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Residential Concrete Cleaning Service

Residential Concrete Cleaning Service