Affordable & Professional Residential Concrete Restoration

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Residential Concrete Restoration

Whether you want to improve the look of your patio or cover up cracks in your driveway, concrete resurfacing is a great option for outdoor concrete. Restore concrete by resurfacing it with an overlay to bring new life to your home or yard. Add value and safety to your home and reduce hazards with our residential concrete restoration service in Monmouth, Middlesex and Orange County NJ.

Residential Concrete Restoration is the process of repairing old, damaged concrete surfaces and restoring the entire surface to its original or better than the original condition. Concrete is a durable material, it’ll succumb to wear and tear over time.

If your concrete is discolored, broken up, or cracked, you need a skilled Residential Concrete Restoration specialist to help you restore it to its original state. As an established and reputable concrete restoration specialist, Affordable & Professional Window & Gutter Cleaning Powerwashing Services has the tools and equipment, and skills necessary to handle all types of Residential Concrete Restoration jobs.

Residential Concrete Restoration helps return it to its original appearance, and this process can be used on driveways, driveways, and interior surfaces as well. However, there is a big difference between concrete repair and concrete restoration.

Repairing damaged concrete might fix structural issues with the concrete, but it does not always look as nice. With residential concrete restoration, you are getting both benefits.


Residential Concrete Restoration


Why Choose Concrete Restoration

One of the biggest benefits of Residential Concrete Restoration is that it is cheaper than new construction. Despite this, concrete restoration still gives you the appearance of having brand new concrete on your house.

Along with improving the overall look of your home, it repairs the cracks that were structural problems. Due to the cheaper cost, it is easier to stay on top of concrete repair when you choose to do restorations. This prevents problems from getting out of hand and putting you and your family, and property at risk.

We understand that concrete work is a significant investment. That is why we promise to offer you reliable and effective service on every Residential Concrete Restoration job we undertake in Monmouth, Middlesex and Orange County NJ. When you work with us, you will benefit from our:

  • Skilled specialists
  • Extensive experience
  • Affordable project rates
  • Impressive turnaround times

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Concrete Resurfacing

We provide concrete resurfacing that rejuvenates aging concrete pavement. Throughout Monmouth County and surrounding areas, homeowners are re-discovering their concrete sidewalks, driveways, and patios.

It means no longer accepting crumbling patios, but enjoying smooth, attractive concrete surfaces on their beautiful homes.

Resurfacing concrete is a great way to restore concrete with minor damage to the surface. Resurfacing also refreshes the look of your concrete, through staining, stamping, coating, or other decorative techniques.

Here are some of the concrete problems that can be fixed with resurfacing:

  • Uneven concrete with minor variations that need to be leveled.
  • Spalling, or pitting, where the top surface of the concrete flakes away.
  • Cracks that are small and do not compromise the structural integrity of the concrete.

Other problems that cannot be fixed with resurfacing;

  • Heaving is when the concrete is lifted by shifts in the ground beneath the surface, usually by freezing water in the soil below or tree roots.
  • Sinking, where severe, can’t be fixed with a resurfacing agent. More advanced techniques, such as slab-jacking or even complete removal for a new pour may be necessary.

Concrete Resurfacing Adds Value To Your Home

Cracking, brittle concrete surfaces bring down the value of your home and make it difficult to enjoy recreational outdoor space. Our concrete resurfacing services will make your concrete smooth again.

As an experienced Residential Concrete Restoration specialist, you can trust our team to do an excellent job for you. Choosing Affordable & Professional Window & Gutter Cleaning Powerwashing Services means choosing to invest in your property’s worth!

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Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing

Investing in decorative concrete doesn’t require much financially. Despite the affordability, it provides great benefits, be it for a residential or commercial setting in Monmouth, Middlesex and Orange County NJ. Here are good reasons why a resurfaced concrete driveway rocks:

  • Custom Color – Driveway resurfacing offers the chance to add some color and life to your home. With colored concrete stain, you can color your driveway and not have to worry that cracks or chips will cause problems. Concrete stain goes deep into the cement, so there’s no need to worry about cracking or flaking the way it would with concrete paint.
  • Great Aesthetics – You can change the way your driveway looks. For homeowners who have resigned themselves to having a drab, boring driveway, this can be an immense relief. Say, they opt for a concrete stamped driveway. Our professionals will apply a concrete overlay to the surface and then stamp with a pattern or design. Concrete stamping offers a wide variety of patterns, from natural stone to geometric patterns.
  • Economical – Compared to replacing the whole concrete slab, resurfacing is a lot cheaper. Of course, the range per square foot would depend on what type of overlay or coating is used, the colors or patterns involved, and any other additional alteration or customization requested.
  • Durability – While it just involves a coating or an overlay, it is durable enough to withstand vehicular and foot traffic, weather, and other damaging elements.

Residential Concrete Restoration Products

The most common products for restoring outdoor concrete are:

  • Stampable overlays that allow for the addition of imprinted texture to existing concrete.
  • Micro-toppings that provide a very thin, new layer for your concrete.
  • Fillers and patches that help repair cracks and other damage before resurfacing.
  • Texture coatings that provide a slip-resistant finish that is sprayed on and “knocked” down.

Other options include epoxy and self-leveling products, but these are more common for indoor restoration work.

Affordable & Professional specializes in concrete cleaning & refinishing. We can put epoxy coatings on concrete to make them have any finish you would like. Epoxy finishes take old concrete & stop the deterioration of concrete and make it look new. It saves money because you don’t have to replace it.

Moreover, we do garage floor finishes with epoxy to protect them from years of abuse. We have been in the concrete cleaning and refinishing/resurfacing/restoration business in Monmouth, Middlesex and Orange County NJ for over 25 years.

We have developed effective systems to restore concrete floors, concrete steps, pool areas, basement, animal pens, kitchens, and wall cracks using the latest products and technologies.

We’re committed to work excellence and customer satisfaction on every concrete cleaning and refinishing job, whether large or small. We provide a wide range of residential concrete restoration solutions including placing and refinishing of exposed, stamped, and broom finished walkways, driveways, and patios, urethane and epoxy coatings, stamped concrete overlays, concrete staining, garage pads, curbing, retaining walls, steps, and basement entrances.

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