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Scheduled Window Washing Services

Are you looking for the best Scheduled Window Washing Services in Freehold, NJ?
The windows of your commercial building are what greets clients and corporate associates, and it gives the first impression; either good or bad. That is why it is essential for businesses to keep their windows sparkling clean. Some windows get dirtier more often and more quickly, requiring a greater frequency of scheduled window washing services, Freehold NJ.

How Often Should I Have My Windows Cleaned?

There are no fast-and-hard rules; however, several things influence how often you call in Scheduled Window Washing Services, including:

  • Landscaping – If your building has trees that drip sap, mulched areas up against the building, or is alongside your parking lot, you may require more frequent window washing due to the debris in the air.
  • Location – Windows on buildings close to the highways and busy streets get dirty much faster than those in the quiet suburban areas with moderate traffic.
  • Structure – While a unique building design helps the facility of a company stand out, some architectural designs, such as inset windows, are more prone to collecting grime and dust.
  • Weather – If storms have kicked up debris and leaves, or if it’s rainier than usual, you may need scheduled window washing services, Freehold NJ more often to remove mineral deposits and dirt left by water.

One of the major factors that determine how often you should clean your windows, however, is the type of business that you run. Here is a basic guideline for determining how often your building needs Scheduled Window Washing Services:

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices, etc. must present a spotless, well-maintained appearance. Windows, especially on the ground floor and on floors with treatment or patient examinations rooms, should be cleaned monthly. A well-cared-for appearance gives your patients confidence that they, too, will be well cared for!


Due to the grease and moisture circulating in the air, Affordable & Professional Window & Gutter Cleaning Powerwashing Services recommends that restaurants get their windows cleaned almost every two weeks, if not more. The window cleaning needs to be done inside and outside. The customers that you serve can also determine the need for more frequent Scheduled Window Washing Services, Freehold NJ.
A family restaurant, for instance, may serve children and, with them, come sticky fingers. Dirty, grimy, and fingerprinted windows are quite unappetizing and detract from an image of cleanliness and quality you are trying to project to your patrons.

Retail Stores

Businesses with high foot traffic usually should clean their windows at least once a month. You want potential customers and passersby to notice the products on display in your storefront windows, not the dirt and grime. Retail stores face stiff competition; therefore, the impression you make is essential to a positive image and gaining repeat traffic.

Office Buildings

Office buildings usually do not need windows cleaned quite often. They should have a thorough cleaning (inside and out) about twice per year. However, the lobbies should be cleaned monthly because of how vital this area is to make a great impression on potential clients and visitors.
Touch-ups on the inside may have to be done more often, depending on the business environment — an industrial facility with office spaces require more frequent window washing due to debris and dust particles in the air.

Scheduled Window Washing Services

Have you driven past a commercial building with dirty, dusty windows, a debris-filled parking lot and untidy landscaping? It gives visitors or passersby the impression that the business is not doing well or they “just don’t care.” Do not let that happen to your business.
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Scheduled Window Washing Services

Scheduled Window Washing Services