Soft Wash Roof Cleaning In Freehold, NJ

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Does your roof look black or green? In the past two decades, soft washing has become the most significant change to the mobile exterior cleaning industry, since the advent of the downstream injector. Soft Wash System has revolutionized the exterior and roof cleaning industry by allowing cleaning professionals to apply more carefully metered chemical solutions to building surfaces for the benefit of cleaning that surface chemically without pressure.
Affordable & Professional Window & Gutter Cleaning Powerwashing Services use Soft Wash System to develop a cleansing formula that makes use of eco-friendly, water-based chemicals to break down crud and dirt and eliminate webs and bug nests.  Also, the system kills algae, mildew, mold, and microorganisms on your roofing system and other different surfaces — leaving them clean and sterilized.
Soft washing treatments usually last far longer than power washing treatments. Unlike pressure washing, soft washing doesn’t make use of harmful high pressure. Furthermore, soft washing gets rid of microbes that create staining while power washing only cleans off the surface area layer.
Today, insurance companies are canceling the insurance policies of homeowners just because they aren’t maintaining their roofs on a regular basis. Black or green stains plague homes in Freehold, NJ every day! It reduces the value of your property.
If you neglect your roof from proper cleanings regularly, you will have to replace your shingles or tiles more frequently than a roof that’s cleaned regularly.  Roof Cleaning is essential to maintain the life and longevity of your roof! Call Affordable & Professional Window & Gutter Cleaning Powerwashing Services in Freehold, NJ for a free roof cleaning quote!
We Use A Revolutionary SoftWashing Method
Our team has been in the exterior cleaning industry for more than ten years. We use proven methods for cleaning roofs, decks, and siding safely and efficiently. Our flagship service is soft wash cleaning technique.
The Soft Wash process is entirely different from the traditional pressure washing. A traditional pressure washer uses high pressure to clean. As a result, the high pressure usually erodes shingle grit or damages siding; thus, reducing the effectiveness of your roof. Using a pressure washer to clean away a decomposer (roof algae and mold), will accelerate the decomposition and aging of your roof shingles and other surfaces.
Soft washing is ideal for all commercial and residential exteriors including roofs, siding, decks, and stucco because it uses a very effective low-pressure solution to clean the surface. The cleaning process achieves a 100% kill of the fungal pests and leaves behind a spore block inhibitor to protect against further infestations.
Soft Wash Benefits

  • Environmentally friendly – uses less water and biodegradable
  • No pressure damage – no harmful, high-impact cleaning
  • Long-lasting – lasts four to six times longer than pressure washing
  • Amazing results – treat the infestation causing stains
  • Over 100,000 roofs and structures cleaned with the SoftWash system

More Than Cleaning
A bacterium called Gloeocapsa Magma is the main culprit of most roof staining that causes common black streaks. Soft washing can kill the pest from the root up, achieving a very clean surface. The products developed for SoftWash systems not only clean stains, but also penetrate, sanitize, and eliminate the cause of the problem. Therefore, soft washing is more than just roof cleaning.
Softwash Is Committed To The Environment
Choosing a Soft Wash System cleaning professional is a reaffirmation of your commitment to the environment. Why? Soft Wash Systems’ equipment and solutions are the greenest in the industry. All chemicals are fully biodegradable and break down into carbon and/or water within ten days of introduction into the environment. The Soft Wash systems also run on 12-volt energy and use no fossil fuels.
For a free, no-obligation consultation or quote on your house or building washing project, call Affordable & Professional Window & Gutter Cleaning Powerwashing Services at 732 333-6006 or 732 837-3575.
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