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Deck Maintenance Cleaning Sealing Staining

We recommend treating surfaces like pressure treated wood and cedar with a sealer or stain once they have been cleaned. We have found that many people often spend a great deal of time choosing the type product and/or color of treatment, but do not think about the...

Deck Cleaning

No Deposit Required – We’re so confident in our deck maintenance that we do not require payment until the entire job is completed.  Most companies will ask for a deposit, but we know that you are going to love our work,so we do not anticipate problems with...

Get Your Deck Cleaned

Deck Maintenance Cleaning, Sealing & Staining – Our Deck Maintenance services consist of cleaning & treating deck surfaces.

Deck Maintenance Freehold NJ

Deck Maintenance Welcome to Affordable & Professional Window, Gutter Cleaning and Power Washing Services. We offer deck maintenance services that consist of thorough cleaning and treating of the surface. The durability and beauty of any deck maintenance work...

Get Your Deck Ready For Spring

Proper deck maintenance is applying environmentally safe cleaners to the entire area to remove mildew, mold, and dirt. Hot water power washing is then used to clean surfaces thoroughly without the risk of damaging the surface area.