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We have over 30 years of experience cleaning & treating decking. Our customers have said to us numerous times that once we are finished, it looks like we just built the deck ourselves.

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Affordable & Professional offers professional deck cleaning & treating of all types of exterior decking/fencing. We know that your deck is one of the largest of your outdoor investments. The beauty & durability of a decking job depends on the proper surface cleaning & for wooden decks, the quality of a sealer or stain. Our trained power washing /soft washing specialists ensure your deck will be cleaned properly & for wooden decks, ready for a sealer or stain treatment.

Other Services we provide in New Jersey:

New Jersey Window Cleaning Services – Our professional training includes the owner attending classes on window cleaning provided by the Unger Corporation, a leading manufacturer of professional window cleaning products nationwide.

New Jersey Out Door Furniture Shrink Wrapping Services – Affordable & Professional has been cleaning your backyard hardscapes for over 30 years. Now let us keep your outdoor furniture looking beautiful by wrapping it during the winter.

New Jersey Soft Wash Roof cleaning Services – Roof cleaning is the process of removing algae, mold, mildew, lichen & moss from roofs. Roof cleaning can extend the duration of a roof’s ability to function. Algae & other types of build up often form on the north & west facing sections of roofs that are shaded, receiving less sunlight. This can reduce a roof’s life expectancy. 

New Jersey Commercial/Property Management Services – Affordable & Professional Services is prepared for the demanding challenges any Commercial or Property Management may have. The owner will be onsite from start to finish for all your projects. Appearances are important, especially when it comes to your place of business or community. Your property is a large investment that says a lot about your business & community. Keeping it maintained, whether for retail foot traffic or for business clientele, looking your best is always a priority.

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Our professional Deck Cleaning & Staining in New Jersey.

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No Deposit Required

We’re so confident in our deck maintenance that we do not require payment until the entire job is completed. Most companies will ask for a deposit, but we know that you are going to love our work.

Wood Deck Staining / Sealing / Painting

Our Deck Treatment services professionally apply a sealer, stain or paint. The beauty & durability of any deck refinishing job depends both on the proper surface preparation & the quality of the product, whether it be sealer or stain. We only use high quality oil-based products which penetrate deep into the wood to help the wood resist the damaging effects of sunlight and wear.

Sealers are popular for deck maintenance for those who do not want color on their deck. Semi-transparent & solid color stains are popular among those who like color or who want a longer lasting product. The more pigment the longer the product will last. On average, stains last about 3-5 years & sealers last about 1-2 years. Deck treatments will not penetrate into the wood if the surface has not been prepared properly, which can cause cracking & peeling and would be a waste of money.

If a sealer/stain is not applied , the decks crack, splinter & deteriorate. We can prevent this from happening by applying a sealer/stain which will beautify & lengthen the life of your deck.

Wood Deck Cleaning - Stripping the Deck

If your deck was treated without proper cleaning or if you decide to change the stain color to a lighter one, the deck surface needs to be stripped. Once we have applied a stripper, we scrub the surface & then powerwash. This procedure can be costly, so to avoid this process, never treat without proper surface preparation & stay with the color stain you choose. You can usually choose a darker color stain, but you can never go lighter without stripping the deck.

Deck maintenance tips:

Never treat without proper surface preparation which includes applying a cleaner & powerwashing. Choose a color stain & stick with it. You can go darker but not lighter without stripping the deck. This process can be costly. Hosing off debris & dirt from surfaces will lengthen the time between professional cleanings.

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Wood Deck Cleaning & Staining

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Affordable and Professional's team is committed to provide the best Deck Cleaning & Staining Service.

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