How Much to Charge for Pressure Washing

Opting for pressure washing these days is a great option for people and homeowners to ensure that their houses and cars are clean and in perfect condition. If you don’t have a budget to invest in something new, then the best idea could be to ensure that you can make the surface clean through power washing. Do you want to learn about how much to charge for pressure washing and the factors behind the type of charges applied? Read this detailed guide till the end to find out more details.

Factors Behind Deciding Charges for Pressure Washing

As a service provider, if you’re planning to offer pressure washing for customers, various factors are involved which lead to a specific pricing structure. These factors have been mentioned below:

1. Scope of Work

First of all, the scope of work matters the most when deciding the pricing behind pressure washing as automatically washing large areas will cost more compared to smaller ones. Because large areas require more time, effort, and equipment the prices are also higher as well as the number of days, if any, dedicated to the project.

2. Current Market Price

As any service provider wouldn’t want to undervalue themselves, they will make sure that they are charging according to the market price. This means it is important to offer affordable prices to customers as well as ensure that the profits are not being compromised in any way.

3. Surface Type

Were you aware that some surfaces take longer to clean and also require special equipment? Different types of surfaces need different pressures of water as well as equipment which also varies. Common types of surfaces these days include concrete, brick, wood, and vinyl.

4. Level of Contamination

The level of contamination is the most important as that will help analyze how much time and effort it will take a cleaner to get the work done. If the mold, grime, dirt, and pollen have accumulated for a while, then the required time and effort will increase for an effective pressure washing process.

5. Place or Location

If the place or location that needs to be cleaned, is far away, in a remote location, or requires a travel time, then that will increase the cost of cleaning. Cleaners will also need additional set up time, equipment transportation, as well as time taken and effort. When booking a location, cleaners should make sure they will be able to arrive on time or not.

6. Equipment and Materials

The type of quality of the equipment and materials used also matters as each job will require new things. Some commonly used equipment and materials include cleaning agents, detergents, and chemicals which will help get done with the job within no time at all. As the prices of equipment and materials might keep increasing from time to time, the pricing of the pressure washing service will also fluctuate with that.

7. Additional Services

If the customer is asking for additional services other than pressure washing, like gutter cleaning, window cleaning, or soft washing, then a complete package will have to be offered or there will be a slight increase in the pricing strategy as well.

Pricing Pressure Washing Jobs

When setting prices for pressure washing jobs, service providers need to make sure that proper steps are taken to calculate a fair price as well as focus on overheads and profit margins.

Moreover, to professionally offer rates to customers, it is important to obtain necessary information about the job, conduct an evaluation of the site, assess the particular needs and requirements of the customer, include realistic timelines, as well as showcase the expertise, and present important details such as finalizing the pricing and building trust and credibility with the customer beforehand.

How Much to Charge for Pressure Washing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is pressure washing charged by the hour or the project?

When it comes to the pressure washing industry, charging by the project is much more common. It is usually based on factors like square foot, type of surface, and the level of dirt in the place.

Q2. Will pressure washing damage the property?

When pressure washing is done by skilled professionals, pressure washing should not damage property. It is important to hire professionals who use certain pressure washing levels and techniques for cleaning.

If you are providing pressure washing services to customers, it is important to ensure you know exactly how much to charge for pressure washing. It is essential to keep in mind that, customers do not have any complaints and they are happy with the services that are being offered. For pressure washing services, you can reach out to us today at Affordable and Professional Cleaners.