How To Clean Your Fence

A well-maintained fence not only increases the curb appeal of your house but also improves the overall aesthetic and makes sure that your property looks good from a distance. As the exterior of your house is the first thing that every person will see, you will have to make sure that everything is clean and tidy. As a fence is outdoors, the fence can accumulate dirt and grime which will leave the tough stains behind. In this article, we will be discussing all the details of how to clean your fence and what are the best and easiest ways to opt for.

1. Assess the Material of the Fence

Before you start to clean the fence, it is important to take time and ensure what the material of the fence is and what materials will suit it during cleaning. If you directly opt for cleaning and do not have a look at the material, you might end up damaging the material. Common fence materials include wood, vinyl, metal as well as iron, and aluminum. Each material has its pros and cons so make sure you go through them before making a decision.

2. Start with Water

If you just want to get done with basic cleaning for the fence, then you will have to start with water to ensure that the initial mud, dirt, and dust get washed away quickly. For cleaning related to water, you can simply make sure of a garden hose and it will help you get rid of all the grime in one go.

3. Some Soap

Once you have already washed with water, you can also add some soap or a suitable detergent if the stains and the mud are not going away with just water. While you add the water, pick up a soft-bristled brush and make use of it all over your fence. With the brush, you will also be able to completely rinse off all the stains and ensure that the surface has been cleaned thoroughly. Keep in mind that when you are adding some soap or a detergent it is not very harsh as it can end up damaging the fence as well.

4. Focus on Areas with Stains

Now that you have done an overall wash with water, soap, and a soft-bristled brush, you can start paying attention to the areas that are a little problematic. There might be areas with mold or mildew growth as well as tough stains. To clean those, all you will have to do is make a mixture of water and vinegar and then apply it to those specific spots. Once you have done that, you will see that once the solution has dried off you will be able to clean it off with ease.

5. Apply a Protective Layer or Paint

Depending on what the condition of your fence is like, it is recommended that you apply a protective layer of paint or even a sealant. Both of these will ensure that once the cleaning job has been done for the fence they will add an extra amount of protection to the fence. However, when applying paint or sealant make sure that you wait for the fence to dry properly. Once the fence has dried up, only then apply a new layer of paint or sealant.

How To Clean Your Fence

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Clean Your Fence

Q1. Why should I clean my fence regularly?

You need to ensure that you are cleaning your fence regularly because it helps you maintain the appearance as well as make sure that the lifespan is extended. If all the contaminants are left untreated on the fence, then that could lead to early damage.

Q2. Can I use a pressure washer to clean my fence?

Yes, a pressure washer can be used to clean your fence but make sure you go through all the essentials of the process such as setting the level of pressure. Also, keep a safe distance from the fence when pressure washing as it will reduce chances of damage.

Q3. Can I paint my fence right after cleaning?

It is recommended that you wait for a while before you decide to paint your fence and let it dry completely. Moisture can destroy your fence so it is important to let it dry for a day or two.

Parting Note

When deciding how to clean your fence there are multiple considerations that you should go through so you do not regret the decision that you have taken. As proper cleaning techniques are only known by experts as well as handled by them, it would be better for you to wait to hire someone with expertise. For any cleaning-related tasks do not hesitate to approach us at Affordable and Professional Cleaning.